Teeth in a Day

Come in today and leave tomorrow with new teeth .


You can easily eat all the foods you need

Since your new teeth are anchored onto implants, they will not move around or slip. Chewing will be comfortable and you will not have to endure the painful sores on the gums that come from irritation caused by loose dentures.

Your upper teeth will have no false palate

Your upper arch of teeth will not have the false palate that blocks your sense of taste and your perception of heat and cold. This brings full pleasure back to eating and drinking.

Your jawbone will be preserved

Your jawbone needs the pressure created by chewing to maintain its volume and density. When teeth are missing, the jaw gradually loses bone, and the pressure placed on the jaw by dentures only accelerates the bone loss. Implant-supported fixed-in teeth provide the type of pressure needed to preserve the bone level of your jaw.

Our All-on-4 Procedure

The All-on-4 procedure requires meticulous planning and precise execution at each step. Our doctors guide every phase of your treatment.
They work in close coordination with your surgeon on placing your implants, and work directly with our in-house ceramist to create your new teeth. Below is how we give you full-arch fixed-in new teeth.

State-of-the-art treatment planning

Using your 3D images in sophisticated treatment planning software, we plot the exact position and angle of your implants.
We will obtain full digital X-rays and a 3D CT scan of your jaw, teeth and surrounding anatomy. From these images the doctor will be able to see where the bone volume is sufficient to place your implants stably.
Using your 3D images in sophisticated treatment planning software, we plot the exact position and angle of your implants.

Surgical guide to guarantee accurate placement

The 3D images are also used by your surgeon to manufacture a surgical guide to be used during your implant procedure. A surgical guide is a template that fits over your dental arch and marks exactly where and at what angle to insert each implant. The surgical guide is used to guarantee accurate and efficient placement.

Meticulous crafting of your replacement teeth


Our doctors design and fabricate your permanent new teeth in our on-site dental lab, in coordination with our ceramist. Your teeth will be designed so when they are fixed onto the implants, both arches come together with a correct bite alignment. Proper bite alignment is vital for comfort, optimum chewing power and smooth jaw joint function.
Your final teeth will be made out of zirconia, the most durable form of porcelain available. They will be made to look very natural and aesthetic, and will have an artificial gum line that is colored to look like natural gum tissue. Because of zirconia’s strength, your replacement teeth can be made very close to the size and shape of real teeth. This makes for a very comfortable fit and a natural-looking smile.

Implants and new teeth on the same day

On the day of your surgery, your implant placement specialist will extract any remaining teeth and place all of your implants. One of our doctors will then place a functional, well-fitting and aesthetic set of temporary teeth to wear while your implants heal. Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on what you can eat and how to take care of your oral health during the healing period.

We make sure you are comfortable during treatment

We provide gentle care and see to your comfort at all times.
Our doctors and your surgeon provide gentle care and see to your comfort at all times. To make sure you are at ease about your treatment, they explain what is going to happen during your procedure and answer all your questions so you know what to expect.
We have blankets and pillows for your comfort in the dental chair. We also provide sedation options to help with heightened anxiety or for long procedures. During your implant procedure, your surgeon can provide IV sedation, which is administered by a certified anesthesiologist, if needed.

Follow-up visits and preparation of your final teeth

Your surgeon will see you in regular follow-up visits to monitor the healing of your implants. The doctor will meet with you during this same period to take needed impressions for your final new teeth.

Your beautiful new teeth

Once your implants have healed, the doctor will permane.