All On 4

What is the All-on-4®️ for Replacing Your Missing Teeth?

dental implants

All-on-4® is a scientifically proven approach that replaces your teeth following tooth loss. The technique focuses on the placement of four dental implants in specific locations of your upper and/or lower jaw to provide you a set of new, permanent teeth.

Dental implants are used to secure your full arch of new teeth. Your ability to chew and your appearance will be fully restored.

You can expect your All on Four procedure to most often be completed in a single day. The initial consultation provides an opportunity to discuss your treatment and related goals.

How Your All-on-4®️ Procedure Works as a Tooth Replacement Solution

Your All on Four treatment requires a series of steps. Your missing teeth will be fully replaced following the procedure.

dental exam

1-Initial oral examination

Your examination includes a 3D scan to determine the overall health of your mouth. Your jawbone health is necessary to determine the effectiveness of the All-on-4®️ treatment for you.

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2-Sedation and implant placement

Sedation is provided to help assure that you’re comfortable and anxiety free during your procedure. Any or all of your remaining, unhealthy teeth will be extracted during the procedure.

Your implants are placed after the treatment area is cleaned and prepped. Two dental implants are secured near the front portion of your jaw and two implants are secured (at an approximate 45 degree angle) at the back of your jaw.

3-Post-surgical care and the placement of your new, permanent teeth

Your new teeth (a dental bridge) are custom-designed while you rest following the placement of your implants. Your new, permanent teeth are secured on top of the implants and adjustments are made for comfort, fit, and proper bite alignment.

Your secure missing teeth replacement with All-on-4®️ dental implants is minimally invasive.

The treatment is faster and more cost effective than standard implant treatment.